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“There is another very important topic. I’m talking about the unresolved fate of Nagorno-Karabakh residents recently detained by Azerbaijan.

As you know, Ruben Vardanyan, a prominent public figure and philanthropist, was among those arrested. People may bring up his citizenship, but let me remind you that in the recent years, he has devoted himself to humanitarian projects that continued working in Russia even after Vardanyan’s detention.

He sponsored Konstantin Khabenskiy’s Foundation, Podari Zhizn and Doctor Liza’s Foundation.

Last fall, Vardanyan moved to Karabakh. Some people spoke about his political ambitions, yet in the end, he stayed there, sacrificing himself for the population’s sake.

He wanted to unite the divided parts of the nation through social projects and launched several initiatives in the unrecognized republic to support its residents.

Alas, as long as the Karabakh people are held in Baku prisons, Aliyev’s claims do not inspire optimism. Will they be left to fend for themselves? Or will Russia interfere?”

Abbas Djuma, political scientist and international journalist