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Adam Armanski: ‘Educational cluster in Dilijan is developing dynamically’

Adam Armanski, Head of the Dilijan International School of Armenia (DISA) and Director of UWC Dilijan, has shared some details regarding the development of the Dilijan educational cluster. The idea to create an international school in Armenia was initially put forth by social entrepreneur Ruben Vardanyan and his wife Veronika Zonabend. Currently, more than 70 children and teenagers from nine countries study at the institution. Next year, the DISA will incorporate all levels of education — from kindergarten to high school.

“Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend strive to turn Armenia into a center of high-quality international education and a cultural hub, thereby increasing its importance and reputation on the world stage. International schools will create a community of young people from different countries, who will grow up with an understanding and love for Armenia and remain interested in this country throughout their lives. And this, in turn, contributes to cultural, educational and scientific exchange, as well as the development of tourism in Armenia. Our founders’ and their partners’ aspirations go beyond the Armenia of today — they look out for the Armenia of the future,” Adam Armanski stressed.