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Aleksey Pivovarov*: “Vardanyan looked like a man with convictions”

In his big report on Armenia, Russian journalist Aleksey Pivovarov mentioned Ruben Vardanyan as the founder and sponsor of UWC Dilijan International College. Further, the author notes that after February 2022 the social entrepreneur made a difficult decision – he renounced his Russian citizenship and moved to Artsakh.

In his report, Pivovarov responded to critics who link Ruben Vardanyan’s move to Artsakh to political motives.

“The way he behaved in the last, most dramatic weeks and days of the existence of the unrecognized Karabakh Republic at least casts doubt on the version of cold calculation,” the journalist stresses.

* Министерством юстиции РФ признан иноагентом.