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“I am deeply saddened and troubled to hear about Ruben Vardanyan’s abduction and illegal arrest by Azerbaijani forces in Artsakh.

I have known Ruben for many years, and I have always been impressed by his intelligence, compassion, dedication, and commitment to Armenia, his family and friends, and all the initiatives he has launched or taken a role in.

Ruben, someone I consider a friend, is a devoted philanthropist, visionary leader and investor who has dedicated his life to the betterment of #Armenia and #Artsakh. His fierce and passionate advocacy for his people is undeniable, while some may have differing views on his methods.

He has made significant contributions to the Armenian community around the globe, and his work in Artsakh has had a great impact. He has helped develop the region’s economy and infrastructure and has played a vital role in promoting peace and reconciliation.

His abduction and arrest clearly violate international law, and they send a chilling message to the Armenian people.

I urge the international community to lend support to promote the fair treatment of the Armenian people and to seek a peaceful resolution in Artsakh. This is no longer about politics. It is about human rights.

I stand together with Ruben and his family during this difficult time.

In addition to supporting #RubenVardanyan, let’s take this opportunity to raise awareness about Artsakh ‘s ongoing challenges.

Since the end of the 2020 war, Armenians have suffered. We have lost our homes, livelihoods, and loved ones. Our people have been displaced, and our land has been destroyed. Whether it be today or the next, we must ensure justice is served. We will raise our voices and rise up to support all Armenians as we work toward rebuilding our lives and forging a brighter future.

Have no doubt.”

Armen Orujyan, entrepreneur and architect of innovative ecosystems, founder of the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST)