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“An Armenian who has provided an invaluable service to Armenia and Artsakh”

In his article, the Aravot newspaper editor-in-chief calls the unfair attitude of the public toward Ruben Vardanyan “a typical manifestation of social degradation.” He fiercely criticizes those who, following the official propaganda, still consider Vardanyan a Russian spy despite his indisputable services to Armenia and Artsakh.

“Risking his well-being, wealth, freedom, and life itself, he moves to Artsakh, renounces Russian citizenship to make it clear that he will not retreat, will not run away — and eventually finds himself captured by the enemy. But coach-sitting philistines, members of the crowd, continue to parrot the nonsensical propaganda about “a Russian spy sent by Putin.” This is not Ruben’s problem, it is a problem of society,” concludes Aram Abrahamyan.