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“In 2010, I enrolled at Skolkovo, a slightly naive young entrepreneur.

Then I was lucky to start working with Ruben Vardanyan, he became my mentor. After only a few meetings with him, I managed to completely change my worldview, breaking through the glass ceiling I had at the time.

One of the first thoughts that struck me was about the planning horizon. At that time, Lee Kuan Yew was visiting us at Skolkovo with his Singapore development horizon for the future 60 years. Ruben told us that he also planned his actions for 20+ years and explained how he did it.

It was a powerful insight for me. I thought about it and realized that my horizon was not quite defined. More precisely, the dream and long-term goals were seemingly there, but their decomposition along the journey was clearly inadequate.

Thanks to our meetings with Ruben, I realized what partnership is in business and life. And what power lies in it. After that, my second stage of the entrepreneurial path began; it was all about partnership interactions. I saw how powerful it was in life — surrounding yourself with strong people.

For me, Ruben Vardanyan is a person who thinks in four dimensions. For decades to come.

He told us about the circle of trust, about the environment, about the 21st century trend — the community — back when it was not a hot topic, and no one was engaged in communities.

Thanks to Ruben, Atlanty appeared, as well as the Skolkovo business school, the Aurora humanitarian initiative and the Dilijan school. And a huge number of other very cool karmic projects that make our world a better place.

According to Ruben, the most important thing in determining your own strength is how many people will support you in an hour of need.

And I’m sure that now is the time for us to support him so that he returns home to his family as soon as possible and continues to make our world better.

I consider this my small contribution to his great contribution to us!”

#freeRubenVardanyan #вподдержкуРубенаВарданяна #freeRuben

Evgeny Larionov, entrepreneur