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“Hraparak”: Ruben Vardanyan reminded the international community about children of Artsakh

The author of the note for the International Children’s Day talks about humanitarian projects that Ruben Vardanyan implemented in Artsakh. In particular, the social entrepreneur gave an electric car to transport pregnant women to the hospital, and founded a free dining room – primarily for children from poor families. In an interview with international media, Vardanyan stressed that 30 thousand children endure all the hardships of the blockade along with adult citizens of the republic.

Lyudmila Barsegyan, chairman of the council of the Stepanakert Center for Children and Youth Creativity has shared her memories of cooperation with Ruben Vardanyan.

“We were beheaded and our head was thrown into Baku, and the body was dragged out to Yerevan”, – she described her experience of the arrest of the philanthropist and other former leaders of Artsakh.