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“Once I asked Ruben Vardanyan why he worked 18 hours a day and launched non-profit projects again and again.

‘To make the world a little better,’ Ruben said.

I’ve heard this phrase from different people, but after working with Ruben for more than five years, I saw that he really meant it.

He gives it his all, completely, unreservedly.

I don’t know anyone who gives so much without asking for anything in return.

He always laughed at the various Forbes lists, they had no meaning to him.

But I’m sure that he is already at the top of the list when it comes to people who have made great contributions to Russia, Armenia and the world.

The Skolkovo business school, Aurora humanitarian initiative, Dilijan school, Tatev, Atlanty business club and over 50 other karmic projects that make our world a better place.

Ruben joined Atlanty at a very difficult time and got moving right away.

In five years we’ve managed to create one of the strongest business communities in Russia, bringing together 900+ entrepreneurs and top managers.

Thousands of solved requests, hundreds of events and the rapid growth of Atlanty’s businesses are just a small fraction of our results.

But most importantly, Ruben has always emphasized increasing the radius of trust between the members.

And I believe that we have managed to create a community where interaction between the residents is based on just that — trust.

Atlanty and I hope that Ruben will be home with his family soon.

We hope he will continue to make our world better, because now it is more important than ever.

Right now, when I don’t know who to ask for help, I truly believe in the power of the universe and victory of the good.”

Mikhail Voronin, founder of Atlanty, a private business club for entrepreneurs