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A new section dedicated to the history of Ruben Vardanyan’s projects has appeared on the site

A section with a timeline of projects and important stages in the life of a social entrepreneur was opened on the website. The timeline describes in detail the activities of Ruben Vardanyan from 1991 to the present. Among other things, the section describes how the philanthropist had created the first investment bank in Russia and proposed a long-term development strategy for Armenia (Armenia 2020 project). The timeline also talks about the opening of the Skolkovo School of Management in Moscow and other educational and humanitarian initiatives of the philanthropist.

The timeline highlights the restoration of the Tatev Monastery, the construction of the Wings of Tatev cable car and the UWC international boarding school in Dilijan, the foundation of the Philin Philgood project, which facilitates the work of NGOs. Special attention is paid to the annual Aurora Prize. It is given to people who risk their life, health or freedom to save others.

Ruben Vardanyan’s move to Artsakh in 2022 occupies a special place in the timeline. At the height of the conflict in the region, his charitable projects saved many local residents.

In April 2024, Ruben Vardanyan was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the development of peace initiatives and the prevention of a humanitarian catastrophe in Artsakh. His projects in different countries continue to work today.