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“In light of Pashinyan’s recent statements, the quadrilateral meeting with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia may be postponed indefinitely.

The fate of the Karabakh prisoners, who are still being held in Azerbaijan, could have been decided during the meeting. One of the people arrested by the Azerbaijani forces is our former citizen Ruben Vardanyan, a social entrepreneur and philanthropist whose humanitarian projects continue to work in Russia.

Let me remind you of a few. First and foremost, we have the Philin Philgood company, which provides comprehensive services to charitable foundations and other NPOs: it offers legal and accounting support, selects personnel, creates IT solutions. Over the nine years since its creation, Philin has helped more than a hundred Russian NPOs.

Also, we cannot ignore Vardanyan’s contribution to educational development. He co-founded the Scholae Mundi charity foundation, served on the board of trustees of MSU and RANEPA, created the international college UWC Dilijan in Dilijan, where high school students from many countries, including Russia, study.

Even after leaving for Nagorno-Karabakh, Ruben Vardanyan maintained close contact with colleagues and like-minded people who remained in Russia. I think eventually he will be released. Perhaps an exchange will take place. I am sure that releasing the philanthropist after the negotiations will benefit Russia and reinforce our influence as architects of peace.”

Nikita Tomilin, political scientist