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“One should always try to change something” – Ruben Vardanian’s message to the participants of the Aurora International Humanitarian Award

In his open letter to the participants and laureates of the Aurora International Humanitarian Award 2024, Ruben Vardanian confessed that he was inspired to move to Artsakh by the heroes of Aurora – the heroes who risked themselves to save others. According to the social entrepreneur, despite the illegal imprisonment, he does not regret his choice at all and is grateful to them for the example they set.

“Unfortunately, despite your efforts, the world is not a kinder place, but that just goes to show that your cause is more important and needed than ever. Your determination to help others and our shared mission gives me strength. Never before have I been so convinced that values and principles are more important than anything else in the world, even life itself,” said Ruben Vardanian in the letter read by his wife Veronica Zonabend.