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BBC Russian Service: ‘80 prisoners from Artsakh unrecognized by Baku are enforced disappearance victims’

The BBC Russian Service website has published a long article about people who defend the rights of Armenians in Azerbaijan. According to lawyer Siranush Sargsyan, at least 80 captives, who are not officially recognized by Azerbaijan, have become enforced disappearance victims. No one seems to be concerned with their fate.

Human rights defender Eldar Zeynalov adds that the politicization of the process itself prevents Azerbaijani human rights advocates from defending Armenians: “Any information that can be used to accuse the Armenian side is guaranteed to be exaggerated.”

As you probably remember, philanthropist and public figure Ruben Vardanyan is one of the most prominent people among the arrested Armenians. He and other Artsakh residents were detained in September when they tried to leave for Armenia.