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Sergey Bablumyan: “The strong in spirit continue fighting”

Famous journalist and writer Sergey Bablumyan in his column about Ruben Vardanyan’s personality and humanitarian projects reminded that the philanthropist risked his own safety, health and even life when he moved to Artsakh. Now, according to the author, his hopes for release are rapidly fading, but Vardanyan and his relatives continue to fight for all Armenian captives.

“Thousands of Armenians spoke about their readiness to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Karabakh, but only a few did it. This is not a stone in the garden of those who did not move – most of them helped, supported and did what they could. Thank you. But Vardanyan moved. And stayed. It is hard to imagine that a financial grandmaster, who is able to calculate everything several steps ahead, did not consider a failure. He knew for sure where and why (and with whom) he was going. He took a risk, realizing that even if he wins, he will have to wait for champagne for a long time,” writes Sergey Bablumyan.