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Siranush Sahakyan: ‘Ruben Vardanyan drew world’s attention to the problem in Artsakh’

During a discussion at the American University of Armenia, Siranush Sahakyan, a legal representative of the Armenian prisoners at the European Court of Human Rights, answered the question on whether Ruben Vardanyan could be called a prisoner of war. According to her, Vardanyan is not a military man, but as the minister of state he gave the situation in Artsakh international resonance. Since Azerbaijan perceived the philanthropist’s legitimate activities as anti-Azerbaijani, it is more correct to consider him a political prisoner.

“Azerbaijan described Ruben Vardanyan’s actions, which were exclusively legal, as anti-Azerbaijani, and I believe that he is being persecuted for his views and activities, which makes him a political prisoner,” Siranush Sahakyan said.