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A graduation ceremony was held at UWC Dilijan College

This year the college graduated 109 students from 50 countries. At the graduation ceremony, the name of UWC Dilijan co-founder Ruben Vardanyan was repeatedly mentioned with gratitude. Among others, Nubar Afeyan, an honorary member of the UWC Dilijan Board of Trustees, recalled the philanthropist, who is illegally held by Azerbaijan. He compared Ruben to Christ, who appeared in a vision to the apostle Peter as he fled Rome.

“We know what my friend and colleague Ruben has gone through over the past year, and nothing symbolizes “returning to Rome to face crucifixion” as much as Ruben’s trip to Artsakh”, Nubar Afeyan stressed.

Veronica Zonabend, Co-Founder and President of the Board of Trustees of UWC Dilijan, noted that each of the college students takes a piece of Armenian culture with them into adulthood: “I can assure you that from now on you will see the Armenian trace everywhere around you, you will notice what you did not notice before. Also, for the rest of your life, just like me, you will be an armenian by choice”.

Veronica Zonabend concluded her speech with the words of her husband Ruben Vardanyan: “I am sure that together we can do a lot to make the world a better place for everyone. Stay true to your values and be ready to give more than you will ever be able to receive in return.