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Moscow hosted the premiere of the movie “Being Human. Ruben Vardanyan’s Manifesto”.

A documentary by the famous entrepreneur Artyom Agabekov was presented to the audience in the Noodome club space. As the creator of the movie explained, during the filming process he aimed to show Ruben as a person and to highlight his way of thinking through the people with whom he was in close contact.

The movie starred friends and business partners of the philanthropist, including Marina Karban, vice-rector of the Skolkovo School of Management, Mikhail Pogosyan, rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute, Sarik Andreasyan, film producer, and many others. They told about Ruben Vardanyan’s educational and humanitarian projects and explained why he decided to move to Artsakh in the midst of the war.

«Рубен – человек-подвиг – посвятил себя людям. Будучи состоятельным человеком, в какой-то момент он решил, что это вторично», – отметил известный специалист VIP-коучинга Алексей Ситников, который также снялся в фильме.

“Ruben is a hero who dedicated himself to people. Being a wealthy man, at some point he decided that this was secondary,” noted Aleksey Sitnikov, a well-known VIP coaching specialist who also appeared in the movie.