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Veronika Zonabend states that all Ruben Vardanyan’s projects are still active

Social entrepreneur Ruben Vardanyan’s wife, Veronika Zonabend, gave a long interview to the Mediamax news agency. According to her, all her husband’s initiatives continue even after his arrest by Azerbaijan authorities. Among these projects are the Skolkovo School of Management, Matena International School of Leadership and Professional Development, the international boarding school UWC Dilijan College, and Tatev Revival program, as well as projects related to supporting forcibly displaced residents of Artsakh.

“Of course, it is hard without Ruben, but at the same time, the need to continue with our initiatives has become our foothold. It is important for us that the projects we started together continue to live and develop. A lot of people depend on us, and we support our activities as far as the current situation allows,” Veronika Zonabend said.