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“A human rights activist from the Council of Europe is making a big tour of the far region. Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatović wheels around Armenia as a VIP guest. In May, she already claimed human rights violations in Baku. Will her position change now that the local security forces are holding the former leaders of Nagorno-Karabakh captive? How will Dunja react to the merciful cup of tea that the detainees receive according to Ilham Aliyev?

What is even more interesting is Mijatović’s personal attitude to the fact that prominent philanthropist and public figure Ruben Vardanyan, who is only guilty of wanting to support the Armenians of Karabakh and moving there amid the military conflict, is languishing in a dungeon of Baku.

Does Dunja know about his detention? Most likely, yes. Vardanyan’s personality is too big for the prison bars opening. Ruben’s projects have helped thousands of people and brought educational innovations in Russia and Armenia to a new level. But knowing something doesn’t mean you can ask awkward questions. Especially when the European Union takes part in settling the conflict.

Apparently, Russia will still have to deal with Vardanyan’s detention. At least, the public is already actively discussing this insane and illegal arrest.”

Vyacheslav Lysakov, public and political figure