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“The war continues as long as Azerbaijan holds Artsakh leaders, including the world-famous philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan, whose charitable and social projects are well known both in Russia and abroad.

Information about his condition after the politically motivated arrest is scarce. As long as such a person is in the dungeons, where even the Red Cross lacks access, the war continues, despite Baku saying otherwise.

And the formal, resulting from bureaucratic reasons, absence of a Russian passport does not mean that Moscow has lost interest in Vardanyan. Moreover, this does not mean the end of hostilities — at least on the diplomatic front. The conflict will end when the prisoners — this is the term that should be used in relation to Vardanyan — will be free. Russia should make every effort to get the philanthropist out of prison. He must return to his family and to his peaceful, charitable projects that strengthen the relations between our countries. And bring harmony and justice to this world overall.”

Alexey Mukhin, member of the Expert Council under the Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Director General of the Political Information Center